New Report: Putin is behind the hacker attacks against the presidential election

US intelligence agencies have released a previously-classified report on Russian hacker attacks against the United States during the presidential election. President Vladimir Putin tried to help Trump, the report said, though determines that were made hacker attacks against both the Democrats and against the Republican Party National Committee. We believe with great conviction that the Russian intelligence GRU and FSB leaked material they got from the Democratic National Committee.


In two years, hackers have exploited holes in computer systems just as they must have eavesdropped password. The US intelligence agencies report that they have identified the agents who conducted the hacker attacks and leaked the information. The report also warns that Russia will try to influence elections in countries that are US allies. Russia denies having been behind the extensive hacking.

The next US president Donald Trump called the dispute over Russian hacker attacks during the US election campaign for a witch hunt. In a statement late Friday calling Trump, however, a meeting about the report with intelligence heads of constructively. He adds that he is within 90 days will have prepared a plan to combat hacker attacks. Trump insists that hacker attacks, which were carried out during the election campaign in the United States, had no impact on the election results.

He denies that Russia is the only country that may have been behind these attacks. Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people try regularly to break through the infrastructure for our state institutions, companies and organizations, including the Democratic National Committee, says Trump. But it has definitely not had any influence on the outcome of the election, he adds.

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