New Lada 4×4 will be “brutal car for real men

Lada 4X4 SUV will get a new look and become a brutal car for real men. The vehicle design uses a proprietary X-shaped style of the Volga car line. It is reported ┬áreferring to the president of “AvtoVAZ” Nicolas Mora. Moore said that “X style”, first used in the


design of Lada Vesta – part of a new brand identity. “Therefore, the design team is working on its integration into the next generation of off-road 4×4. The probability that in such an X-shaped style of the new machine will be performed, is quite large. At the same time we would like to do some interpretation, creating an image of a reliable, brutal car for real men, “- said Mor.


According to Mora, change the appearance will not affect the terrain. In the world there are only two such cars – Lada 4X4 and Land Rover Defender and the “need to maintain this advantage in its current form.” In the past year, “AvtoVAZ” sold more than 266,000 Lada cars and took the market to 20.1% in the Russian Federation. This Lada 4X4 is the most exported domestic automobile – 17,3 thousand cars last year.

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