The new building of the WTO headquarters in Geneva

The building is in perfect harmony with the landscape and creates an organic link between the city and the park. New building is kept at a respectful distance from the main building of the WTO, the Centre William Rappard, which was opened in 1926, as well as from the adjoining conference center, erected in 1998. The individual parts of the building complex are connected by a glass pedestrian bridge.


Elongated translucent parallel piped, mounted on a smaller base – this building seem weightless and floating freely in space. The high degree of transparency provided by the structural clarity of the architecture and mirror glass facades. Depending on the lighting, the building seems nearly transparent and reflects the surrounding trees,visually dissolving into the landscape.


Used company Nimbus LED lighting system have not only an aesthetic function, but also play an important role of energy-saving, since their energy consumption by 80 percent less than conventional lighting devices. energy consumption is controlled by sensors built in ambient light sensor continually measures the ambient light and adjusts the brightness level of light inside the building.


Presence Sensor switches off the light after a few minutes after the employee leaves their workplace. When he or she returns, the light is automatically switched on again. New WTO body – one of the largest office buildings in Switzerland, illuminated by LED lights and the first building with a mirror facade corresponding to Minergie-P energy standards.

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