The network is outraged by the photograph of Kim Kardashian topless, made by her four-year-old daughter North

37-year-old Kim Kardashian knows how to raise a wave of disputes in the social network. In late January, Kanye West’s wife provoked the wrath of most of her followers when she demonstrated African braids in Instagram, attributing them

to the style of white actress Bo Derek. And today I offered the cheaters a new topic for heated discussions. The reality show star published a photo in social network,

which is imprinted with a naked back. Similar photos, and even more frank, on its page in Instagram abound, and no one would be surprised if the shot did not hit the photographer. To the surprise of many followers, the author of this picture was a four-year-old North West. In the mirror on the photograph, the reflection of Kim’s daughter is seen.

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