The network discussing the kiss of Donald and Melania Trump at a meeting in Korea

The Asian tour of Donald and Melania has just begun, and the presidential couple has already managed to get into all the news reports. And it’s not just the luxurious images of Mrs. Trump – the couple made the whole world talks about their uneasy relationship.


So, yesterday the Western media discussed that Donald did not give his hand to his wife at the exit of the car – many considered it disrespectful, – and today the network talks about the passionate kiss of the couple at an official meeting in Korea. A few hours ago, Melania and Donald arrived in Seoul, where they were greeted by President Mun Jain and his wife Kim Jonsuk. And then, when the US leader and his wife were walking along the red carpet, Trump suddenly decided to kiss his lover – Donald’s sudden action again provoked public discontent, because it was usual to restrain feelings at official receptions. However, Melanie did not embarrass – she followed further, as if nothing had happened, gently embracing her husband and greeting the first lady of Korea.

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