The nature erupted with rage and our breath away

All admire nature. We were fascinated by peaceful and protective image of Mother Nature when we close. Of course, not always so peaceful. Many times is really bad mood and has a way to break out on us, either with strong storms, or bizarre creations and much more.

1. Nothing inspires more confidence than a frozen lake like this.

2. Sometimes you do not need to go wrong for you to understand that something seems to go wrong.

3. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is home to “continuous storms.” And it is not an exaggeration, since August is not uncommon to see 28 flashes per minute. The sky may be constantly illuminated for nine whole hours. In other words, good luck if you want to sleep well near this lake.

4. This one is known as a marine tornado and is the phenomenon do unusual things to fall from the sky.

5. This plant is called Hydona africana and smells like feces to attract beetles.


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