NASA will launch the telescopes to study black holes

The mission was named IXPE (a portmanteau of The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer -. «Probe for visualization by X-ray polarimetry ‘). It will consist of three orbital telescope, capable of measuring the polarization of the cosmic rays coming from different objects. This will help scientists learn more about the past.


Starting IXPE mission scheduled for 2020, its cost is estimated at 188 million dollars. Booster to display the telescopes will be provided by the American company Ball Aerospace, polarization detectors developed in Italy – Italian Space Agency (ASI). The project is implemented under the “Explorer” program, which is conducted since 1958.

The mission is based on the ability of certain objects in space, such as black holes, heat the surrounding gas to more than a million degrees. Due to the heat the gases emitted by their X-ray radiation can be polarized: in this case the electric field of radiation will fluctuate in a stable direction that can be recorded.

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