NASA has created a virtual travel agency for exoplanets

The “travel agency” has been incorporated into NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration website dedicated to exploring planets outside of our solar systemAs every travel agent and every country knows, what will bring more tourists to one place is the excitement of

the imagination of the guest visitors (of the type “live your myth …”). With this in mind, the US Space Agency (NASA) entered the field of travel agents and created an Exoplanet Travel Bureau on the internet to expose people’s imagination to other inhabited worlds .

The “travel agency” has been integrated into NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration website, dedicated to exploring planets outside of our solar system. It is essentially an interactive educational tool that provides visitors with fantastic artistic representations of various exoplanets, as well as a fine collection of “travel posters” that can be downloaded by users.

As more and more exoplanets are discovered, but no one has been photographed to date, even its possible atmosphere has not been analyzed because there are no such technical possibilities yet, NASA wants to give something more to the general public who is “thirsty” for images. Somehow, communications scientists and some scientists at the NASA JPL in California thought they would “open” a travel agency, mixing the rather boring astronomical and spectroscopic data with a lot of artistic imagination.

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