Moon increases the risk of earthquakes on Earth

The risk of earthquakes is influenced by how the Moon are in relation to Earth. There is a greater risk that big earthquake hits the earth, when there is full moon and new moon, and tidal power is greatest. The study is published in the journal Nature Geo-science.


As the Moon orbits around the Earth, influenced both by each other’s gravity, triggering tidal power, as there is the strongest gravitational pull on the side facing the other planet. This force is most twice a month, at full moon and new moon.

It has long tried to get answers to whether tidal power could trigger earthquakes, and now researchers from Japan found the answer:

At full moon and new moon occurs several large earthquakes. Scientists have come to the result of in-depth investigating three separate earthquakes that covered Japan, California and around the globe. In the 15 days leading up to each earthquake, noted the researchers level of tidal power.

They found that all earthquake hit about the time the tidal power was at its peak. More than 10,000 earthquake measuring about 5.5 on the Richter scale, it was found that they were more likely to grow to 8 on the Richter scale, or more if they started at a time when the tidal power was great.

“It is a very innovative way addressed this subject on which has been debated for long. It gives us insight into the possible relationship between tidal force and occurrence of large earthquakes, “

says Hohn Kao, seismologist at the Geological Survey of Canada and Natural Resources Canada in Sidney. The discovery does not affect how the community should prepare for possible earthquakes, says lead author of the study, Satoshi Ide, is seismologist at the University of Tokyo.

Although earthquakes can be enhanced by tidal power, the probability that an earthquake just hit the day that is full or new moon, still “too small to perform some action,” he said.

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