Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth secretly married

Despite the fact that not so long ago Miley Cyrus admitted that she is not yet ready to bind herself by marriage , in the last few days, foreign media have only talked about their secret wedding . One of these days in the network there were photos on which it


is noticeable that the couple wears wedding rings . Insiders close to the pair say that Miley and Liam really played a wedding in the last weekend, to which only relatives and close friends were invited. “They secretly married in their home in Malibu. It was a very cheerful holiday. This was exactly what Miley could organize, everything is absolutely in her style, “the insider added. However, other sources insist that the celebration took place in January this year – just Miley and Liam are so tired of the attention of the paparazzi that they are not yet ready to announce that they have officially married.

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