Messi: “I asked the shirt just to Zidane”

To those who will never ask the jerseys in his career, champion like Lionel Messi? Any player from the third category to the earliest levels of international football would like to keep as heirloom worn the jersey right from ‘Pulga’, he impregnated


his sweat (which sucks, it’s true, but a relic is still a relic). In fact, many are asking him, as he himself said, and gave it to him without any problems. But only one person in the world has had the honor of seeing the Argentine approach with making hopeful to ask for his shirt. Ironically it is now his biggest rival Real Madrid in Italy and luckily we had the pleasure of admiring his play, in uniform Juventus: “The shirt? I only asked to Zinedine Zidane. If there an Argentine the exchange with him, or with who asks me, “confessed Messi.

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