Mercedes CLA 180 d 7G-DCT

Mercedes CLA 180 d 7G-DCT ,  whats new
– 1.5 liters. diesel with 109 horses
– Burns 5.9 l. / 100 km.
– It costs from 32,600 euros

+ Display, quality, fuel economy
– Performance, “air” to head back


Winning team not changing, he says the people, and as shown this practice followed by Mercedes in the case of renewed CLA. Of course, this does not mean that it did not change anything. Improvements were just on points. So, in front of the changes focus on the re-designed bumpers and grille, and LED lights,


while the rear of the different graphics in internal traffic lights. Inside the other, we had to change steering wheel and the buttons of the center console, while with respect to the mechanical parts -with minor positive result; we had to adjust the suspension. Here, we test the CLA 180 d, which is the cheapest diesel in the range of motion.

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