Melania Trump repeated the image of Hilary Clinton in revenge to her husband because of scandal with treason

Melancholy Trump, who yesterday came to Congress with her husband Donald Trump in a creamy trouser suit Dior, was to deliver a message to the people, compared with Hilary Clinton. In July 2016, when the official nomination of Clinton from the

Democratic Party as a candidate for the presidency of the United States, Hilary appeared on the debate in a very similar manner. Melania, who came to Congress separately from her husband in the face of a scandal because of his relationship with Stormi Daniels,

stood out against the background of other women politicians who chose dark outfits. This could not fail to pay attention to network users who put forward several theories about its image. She was not only compared with Hillary Clinton, but also felt that, repeating the image of the wife of Bill Clinton, Melania wanted to pity her husband.

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