Meghan Markle photographed with a gold ring given by Prince Harry

A few days ago the paparazzi managed to capture the Canadian actress, beloved Prince Harry Meghan Markle. On one of the images in the frame got gold ring wear on the finger … celebrity. Some of the fans of the star felt that it was a wedding decoration,


but it is not splashed on the ring finger of Megan. Some fans of the star couple have expressed disappointment in the network, considering that Prince Harry would make a favorite marriage proposal (but not yet made). Ring, of course, not a wedding, but insiders claim that this gift from a representative of the royal family also means a lot. They argue that the prince always loved to give her ornaments Pass (mostly bracelets).

Megan was no exception: some time after the beginning of the relationship with Harry she was presented with a gold bracelet from Cartier value of about five and a half thousand dollars. Insiders pointed out that Megan with great trepidation applies to gifts of a loved one. She did not wear the ring for a while, because I was busy on the set and was afraid to lose the jewel.

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