Megan Markle talked about married life with Prince Harry

The honeymoon Megan Markle and Prince Harry, who were married on May 19, still lasts, although the newlyweds have already returned from the honeymoon . And Megan is in the seventh heaven with happiness: the newly-made Duchess of Sussex told the

journalists and guests during her trip to Cheshire together with Queen Elizabeth II (this is their first joint tete-a-tete). Harry is the best husband in the world, “Megan said. Impressions of the meeting with the prince’s wife were shared by one of those attending the event, who managed to talk personally with the duchess: Megan looked just perfect.

Actually, I was just amazed at how beautiful she was in reality. I asked her about married life, and she answered that everything is fine. I also told her that she looked beautiful at the wedding and that she and Harry were made for each other, she was touched and thanked me: “Thank you, your words mean a lot to us,” 61-year-old Sharon Brisco told the media.

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