Megan Markle became very close to Queen Elizabeth II and became her favorite

Despite the fact that Megan Markle often violates the royal protocol and has not yet mastered the rules of etiquette of the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II, the wife of her beloved grandson, seems very pleased. According to a source close to the royal family,

the Duchess of Sussex and Elizabeth II had already made good friends. During the reception at Buckingham Palace, which took place a few days ago, Megan behaved with the Queen quite naturally. She has very close and warm relations with the Queen and Prince Charles. She wants to please them and does everything possible for her enlightenment to make sure that she does everything right, – said the insider.

Representatives of the royal family, according to the insider, are still deeply impressed by Megan’s sincere desire to participate in charitable projects, one of which she will soon present. She is working on one project, which she will tell about this year. Her first independent performances will take place after she visits a number of charitable organizations across the UK and decides which one she will first take under her patronage, – said the insider.

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