Megan Markl and Prince Harry show their newborn son for the first time

Two days ago, Megan Markle and Prince Harry became parents for the first time , and today the couple presented their newborn son to the world: Megan

and Harry met with journalists just an hour ago to take part in a photo shoot and tell a little about their first child. Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared in an official photo shoot with their firstborn two days after his birth.

This is the first appearance of a couple in public with a child. To reporters, Megan came out in a white lightweight dress from Givenchy (this brand also had a wedding dress of the Duchess) and classic beige stiletto heels – the young mother looked great. A child wrapped in a traditional white blanket held by a happy father . The newly minted parents told reporters a little about the kid: This is magic, just something incredible! Now, next to me are two of the best guys in the world, I am very happy! The kid has a great character, he is very calm, – shared Megan.

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