Media declassified romantic gift of Prince Harry for Meghan Markle

People edition has been confirmed that Prince Harry spent thousands of dollars on a gift for “big fish” in October 2016 – at that time there were the first reports of his novel with Meghan Markle. Journalists speculated that the purchase was intended for her.


The Walton Fine Arts gallery 32-year-old prince has got a picture of the British artist Van Donna, consisting of two parts: one of them, in screen technology depicts a boy and girl holding hands, and on the other side there is an inscription “Everybody needs somebody to love “(Everybody Needs Somebody to Love). In our area, Harry regularly comes to the shops and galleries with his bodyguard. In the gallery he liked several exhibits. He said he was looking for something for an important person. It happened just before the rumors of Meghan Markle, – he told reporters collector from Kensington.


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