Media: Bella Hadid meets with Drake

After the rapper Drake came to the celebration of the birthday of the model of Bella Hadid, there were rumors that they started dating. According to insiders, the rapper carefully prepared for the holiday and thought through every little thing. On Andy Cohen’s show,


the mother of Bella Yolanda Hadid almost immediately denied the spread rumors that her daughter is meeting with Drake, but according to the audience, this was not very convincing. Where did you decide? They are just friends! – Yolanda answered with a laugh. Her 21st birthday was celebrated in a narrow circle of relatives and friends in New York.

The insider said that there were about 30 people at dinner. In addition to the 30-year-old Drake, the festival was attended by rapper Travis Scott, DJ Martin Harrickes, talent manager Scooter Brown and, of course, sister and colleague of Bella Gigi Hadid. It is worth noting that in June of this year, Bella visited the party together with Drake in West Hollywood, after which the couple left alone.


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