Mark Zuckerberg and the pope discussed the latest technologies

We live in the modern world … so modern that even the head of the Catholic Church Pope discusses topical issues relating to technology and everything connected with them. The day before, August 29, Pope Francis at his residence in the Vatican took the creator of the social network Facebook with his wife Priscilla Chan.


On what topics were discussed at the meeting, told the official Vatican statement: ” They talked about how to use ICT in combating poverty and improving the level of culture, and with their help, to give hope to people in a difficult situation.”¬†Billionaire Zuckerberg himself was satisfied with the meeting.

Even more – it was impressed and amazed: “This meeting I’ll never forget, – Mark said in an interview with the CNN. – We feel fully its warmth and kindness and genuine concern for others.”

One visit to Mark talk to the Vatican has not been completed. With a man brought and gave the pontiff a futuristic drone, created in conjunction with Google. Also, the men exchanged some of my books.

At the moment, Mark and his wife traveled to Italy. After the meeting with the Pope couple toured the Colosseum and other landmarks in Rome.

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