Maradona: “Its only Messi can not get the World Cup …”

The weakness of Lionel Messi to do something good with the national team of Argentina does not negate everything else that is offered in football, as mentioned by Ntiegko Marantona. The Argentinos Thrylos, a … explosive interview granted to the television


and home which erupted … in all, reaching a point n ‘called stupid Dani Alves in Reply to the one who called him a “model to avoid” while said further that they do not trust the Jorge Sampaoli on the bench “almpiseleste”. For … in many Successor, however, had to say: “The dilemma Messi or Ronaldo, choose, but I do not see big differences between the two players. Not terribly excels Messi, but one can not overlook the fact that it has brought terrible things in football. That has not won a World Cup or not discrimination Argentina, can not invalidate the rest. Moreover, how Messi alone to manage to get the World Cup? “.

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