How to make a perfect YouTube video

Would you like to make YouTube videos, but do not know how to start? There we can help!  Background
The background of the video is very important. First you must choose the location. Start your film in your bedroom? Or in the garden? Or you ask your best friend if you can borrow her cute bedroom? Note that there is not too much junk status, because that makes it much too busy.


But a completely blank background is also not okay, because that seems fake. Targeting a specific corner in your bedroom cozy, so it can serve as a background for all your videos. Good camera a good camera is quite important. Today we want to see everything in HD.

But if you’re not sure you really want to continue to make videos, you should not spend too much money on it. The latest laptops today have a very good webcam, so for your first video is definitely okay. Then you can still decide if you want to buy a good camera.

Light is not only the background and the quality of the camera are important, a good light can ensure that your video is so much better. Yellow light is never a good idea, because then you look under the weather out. Go, if possible, before daylight.

That always looks the most natural and the most beautiful. So choose a spot near a window. If daylight is not an option, you should opt for white lights. Put one on each side, so you have no shadows on your face. Also make sure that the light is not too bright.

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