Liam Hemsworth gave Miley Cyrus a surprise on the eve of her birthday

Liam Hemsworth decided to play in advance. Without waiting for his beloved to turn 25 ( Miley Cyrus celebrates his birthday today), the actor decided to give her a surprise. Liam gave Miley a gold necklace, but not a simple one, but with a special inscription Lili. It


turns out that such a sweet nickname, which her lover gave the singer, she calls him in special moments for them. My man already won, ahead of all. But my birthday has not yet arrived! The necklace is incredibly beautiful! – wrote Cyrus in Instagram. There were rumors that the couple would marry this summer, but, to the great disappointment of their fans, the celebrations so far did not take place. Nevertheless, now in their relations, harmony and mutual understanding seem to reign, and, as you know, it is possible that at Christmas Liam will surprise her beloved even more.

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