LG G6: Hello, screen!

LG has proven over the years that it is able to make some bold decisions with its top-of-the-range smartphones : from moving all the controls to the rear to curving the case or betting on a modular design. Not all of these bets have worked out well,


but he has identified which ones they have done to keep them one generation after another and do without the rest. So, in its recently released LG G6, the Korean has abandoned the module system proposed last year and instead has decided to emphasize the screen.

Its first step has been to integrate a 5.7-inch in size that usually has a mobile with a 5.2-inch screen. How? Reducing to the maximum the frames, which almost disappear on the sides? It is a difference that is noticeable in the day to day: above all, the possibility of enjoying the benefits of such a wide display surface without the inconveniences of a large telephone is appreciated.

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