Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell went to lunch

Every day, media reports of the separation of 28-year-old Kristen Stewart and 27-year-old Stella Maxwell are less like the truth: over the past month, the couple have seen several times together. A week ago, the girls returned from a joint rest, and yesterday

they got into the paparazzi lenses in Los Angeles, returning from lunch. And if we are accustomed to seeing Kristen and Stella on the red carpet with a full parade – with bright makeup and stylish clothes , then in usual life they prefer, like many Hollywood stars, to wear clothes that can be easily called home.

On this day, Kristen had blue and white shorts and a short white T-shirt with the inscription “My other body in the store.” She preferred shale from shoes. Stella also wore short shorts, and even hoodies and sneakers.

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