Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunite at the birthday of Lily-Rose Depp

Although Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both parted several years ago and each of them has a long personal life , fans of the couple still cherish the hope that their idols will reconnect. And their joint meetings, albeit very rare, only pour oil on the fire.

Last Friday, Stewart and Pattinson became guests of Lily-Rose Depp’s party, which she arranged at one of Los Angeles restaurants on the occasion of her birthday. Eyewitnesses said that Kristen and Robert for some time communicated with each other and behaved like friends.

Kristen smoked, and Rob stood beside him and talked to her, – said the insider. And this is not the first time in recent years, when a couple see together. In February, they were caught in one of the Californian bars, which again gave rise to talk about the resumption of their relationship: It was interesting to watch them. They were like two friends who hang out together in a bar, – the eyewitness has told. And then, according to Western media, they began to see each other regularly and spend time together – they said that then Kristen had a disagreement with her lover Stella Maxwell. And although the actress and model have already dispelled these rumors , insiders are sure: Kristen and Robert still have feelings for each other.

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