Did you know that air pollution affects the health and intelligence?

Air pollution is harmful both for the environment and for all organisms living in that environment. It can cause harmful effects on health, even reducing the intelligence. Fortunately, the air cleaner can affect. There are many sources of air pollution, primarily comes from industry, energy production and agriculture.


Although air pollution over the past decade reduced the long-term goal is the European Union air quality that does not have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Therefore, it is important to use renewable energy sources and systems that can be combined with them.

The greatest difficulties cause harmful particles in the air as a result of combustion of various fuels. Many are carcinogenic to humans and adversely affect the quality of air and soil. A large amount of nitrogen and acid rain affecting plants, and indirectly on animals and humans. Contamination can affect the cognitive abilities of children . The research results show that the pollution associated with limited use of vocabulary and reducing the IQ of these children, and that particles from the air negative impact on the construction of memory.

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