Kim Kardashian is seriously ill

Kim Kardashian said on Twitter about the deterioration of her health – she began a serious relapse of psoriasis. This is reported by Rambler / news referring to the microblogging TV stars. So, on the eve Kardashian wrote that the disease got to her face. “Wait now, and I have psoriasis on my face?” –


She wrote, adding a smiley post sobbing. Kardashian previously demonstrated many times in social media evidence incurable disease, laying his body photos. According to her, the disease is referred to it by inheritance from the mother, and she is suffering from it since 2010.

Psoriasis – a common skin disease is a chronic, red plaques throughout the body. From Psoriasis affects millions of people worldwide. Modern medicine is not able to deliver the people from psoriasis, a disease is considered incurable.

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