Kendall Jenner met a man in the supermarket who wants to kill Kardashian

Life can present many surprises. Just a couple of days ago, Kendall Jenner shone on the podium at the Versace show in Milan, enjoying her stellar status, and now she had to face troubles in the banal campaign in the supermarket. In the fact that the Kardashian

family causes the most controversial emotions, Kendall was able to see for herself the personal experience. In her Instagram the model shared a story about how she met a man in a T-shirt with the inscription “Kill the Kardashian” when she stopped to buy milk for the store. Whether the muscular mod did not know his supposed “victim” is unknown, but Kendall herself was not delighted with this meeting.

On selfie, which the 22-year- old model published later on her page, her face does not express any positive emotions. It seems that the personal life of the 22-year-old model is improving. The press is actively discussing rumors that she is meeting with Australian basketball player Ben Simmons, who is in favor of the NBA team Philadelphia Seventi Sickers. The couple were seen together in Beverly Hills several times.

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