Kate Middleton does not allow Charles to communicate with their grandchildren

At Buckingham Palace, a new scandal erupted. At this time, loving grandparents could not share adored grandchildren. And, oddly enough, to blame herself, Catherine. The rich also cry. Especially when it comes to their beloved heirs. This once again proves the quarrel that erupted between august personages.


Thus, according to British media reports, the parents of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles vengeance defend their right to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte as often as possible. According to the journalists, referring to the approximate to the royal palace sources,

Prince Charles feels very disadvantaged because of the fact that Carole Middleton spends time with young George and Charlotte more often than he does. Even Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles complains that the prince and princess in the end more attached to their parents Katherine than to them.

As a result, all their anger august person was sent to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate requiring immediate intervention. Prince William’s wife was caught between two fires: on the one hand – the resentful father in law, insisting on an immediate change in the situation,

and on the other – their own parents, chides daughter that she was trying to go in the wake of her husband’s relatives. Prince William, by the way, acted like a real man, and took the side of his wife. He not only asks everyone to calm down and make peace, but insists to think first of all about what’s best for the kids.

Official representatives of the royal house, by the way, say that Prince George and Princess Charlotte really spend more time with her parents, Kate Middleton, but the son of Queen Elizabeth II also seeks to participate in the life of grandchildren.

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