Kate Middleton and Prince William held a closed party at Kensington Palace

Now all the attention of fans of the British royal family is riveted on pregnant Megan Markl and Prince Harry, who went on a tour of Australia , but Kate Middleton and Prince William in London also do not miss. For example, the other day the couple organized a secret party in Kensington Palace.

The dukes of Cambridge invited the ten finalists of the BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Award to the event – all of them, despite their young age (prize participants from 12 to 17 years old), managed to show incredible devotion to their work. So, 14-year-old Lily is confined to a wheelchair, but she regularly participates in motocross competitions.

16-year-old Sienna actively helps autistic students, and 14-year-old Junior found herself dancing and organized a rally against harassment and bullying that many schoolgirls are exposed to. All three, by the way, are the winners of the Teen Hero Award 2018.

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