Kanye West hides a big secret from his wife

After Caitlin Jenner published her memoirs in which Kim Kardashian’s father mentioned, the whole clan, and in particular the star of the reality show and her mother Chris, stopped talking to her. But not Kanye. According to the foreign edition of OK !,

the rapper secretly from his wife communicates with Caitlin. “He was the most supportive of her in the period of transformation, that’s when they became very close. In addition, Caitlin is a Republican, and she understands Kanye’s political views “, – the source said.

He also added that the stars themselves do not meet, but they often call up and correspond. The musician found support in Caitlin, so that despite the position of his mother-in-law and his wife, he will continue to communicate with her. I wonder what Kim will say when the secret becomes clear? It seems Kanye plays with fire.

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