Jennifer Lopez told about the relationship with Alex Rodriguez: “We are not engaged”

Jennifer Lopez , who recently celebrated her 49th birthday, returned from the sea coast and started work. And this day of her not only concerts and shootings, but also communication with the press. Yesterday the star became the guest of the

radio show Cubby and Carolina in the Morning , where she openly answered questions about her personal life. The singer did not leave to answer the question, which, perhaps, most of all worries the public, when she will marry her beloved Alex Rodriguez. But, much to the disappointment of the fans,

Lopez admitted that the 43-year-old boyfriend of the offer had not yet done so. We are not engaged, She declared. However, she herself does not worry about it – she looked very happy and in love. We perfectly complement each other. We both have children, and they get along very well. They love each other, and they are amazing, – she told.

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