Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper are planning a second child

It seems that 31-year-old Irina Sheik and 42-year-old Bradley Cooper like to be parents, because the stars are already thinking about the second child. Their first-born, Leah’s daughter , was born only in the spring , and the following year Sheik and Cooper plan to give her a


brother or sister. Irina and Bradley really want a second child. They do not want to put it off, they will try next year. Irina really likes being a mom, – said the insider from the environment of the pair. The stars, according to the source, are excellent at coping with their parental responsibilities and are adapting to the needs of the child, although they actually live in three cities – London, Los Angeles and New York:

They share the responsibility for caring for the child. They are infinitely tender and caring parents. At the same time, of course, lovers do not forget about themselves: They often make romantic dates and go out sometime in the evening. The connection between them is very strong, and Bradley is just crazy about Irina – he is in love with her to the ears, – the insider shares his observations.

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