Insomnia stress: what to do if you can not sleep

Half of the adult population suffers from sleep problems. Lack of sleep makes you sluggish, it weakens the  immune system and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. How to deal with insomnia, experts advise.

Insomnia stress, sleepless,

NO.1″ Attacking restless thoughts? Put them on paper – advises hypnotherapist David Owen. – Write down the problems in the bar, and next  solutions. Continue until the problem is not run or will not pull you into a dream. “

NO.2: Another way to combat insomnia – meditation . ” Lie on your back, close your eyes and focus on breathing : follow the movement of air from the nostrils to the diaphragm and back – offers a sleep Anandi Francis. – Thoughts can be distracting, but this is normal. Again, concentrate on your breathing. Meditation relaxes the muscles and the mind. “

NO.3: Conducted in agony for more than 15 minutes? Get up. it is necessary that the bed was not associated with the place where you are having trouble sleeping. “Sit on the couch and listen to relaxing music, read something boring. When you feel sleepy, go back to bed. “

NO.4: It is not necessary for insomnia to take up work post or a rag to wipe the dust. “The satisfaction of the work performed will create a subconscious scheme, and the brain begins to wake you up at night, so you do useful things,” – warns Dr. Leshziner.

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