I’m very clever, I’m a genius and a very stable genius’

Donald Trump on Saturday said his democratic critics and US media are using the same weapon as “old Ronald Reagan, emphasizing mental stability and intelligence” US President Donald Trump on Saturday dismissed journalist Michael Wolff’s accusation


of being mentally incapable of performing his duties and saying that what he has achieved in life shows that he is a “very stable genius”. Journalist Wolff, author of the book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, criticizes Trump, said in an interview with BBC on Saturday that his discovery could end Trump’s White House mandate. “It seems that the story I have told depicts his (Trump) presidential mandate in a way that says he can not do that duty,” Wolff said. Responding to him, Trump said Saturday that his Democratic critics and US media were using the same weapon as “old Ronald Reagan, pointing to mental stability and intelligence,” since they can not collapse it in another way.

“In fact, throughout my life, my greatest wealth was mental stability and that I was very clever,” Trump said in a series of tons. “I went through the VERY successful businessman, over the big television star … to the US president (from the first attempt) .I think that’s not just saying I’m smart but I’m a genius, a very stable genius, Trump pointed out.

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