“I did not want him to pay for sex”: an interview with the mistress Donald Trump

Western media continue to insist – Donald Trump has changed Melania with porn actress Stormy Daniels. The other day the portal In Touch Weekly released an interview with the alleged mistress of the US president, which was recorded before she was

paid for silence – in 2011. In conversation with the journalist, the girl told in detail about her acquaintance and her first sex with Donald. “I will definitely call you to see you again,” Donald Stormy said after the first meeting. They met at a charity golf tournament that took place on the border of the states of California and Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Trump immediately drew attention to the blonde with lush forms:

“He kept looking at me, and then came over and spoke,” Daniels says. Trump suggested that Stormy supper, and she agreed: “Who will refuse to meet with an intelligent person?” – says porn actress. Then she was no longer starred in adult films, but worked in one large company. At the meeting with the businessman she went to the hotel room. There they had supper and spent several hours chatting. When Daniels left for the ladies’ room, she returned to Trump, who was waiting for her, lying on the bed. “During sex, I thought I did not want him to pay me, although I knew that he would pay a lot,” recalls Stormy. – We were well together. He said that I can not think of his wife. After we slept, he took me to my hotel. “

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