How to relax in Bali, if you only have a week vacation

Paradise, a haven and modern hippies – the island of Bali, the Hindu enclave of Muslim Indonesia, we have, as a rule, is associated with escape. In Bali, they escape from cramped offices and apartments Moscow – live, have children, sew bags of python to sell them in Russia, or in the end, work as a designer to “udalenke”.┬áThe idea of short-term seven-day holiday – arrived, rested, flew – Bali tally slightly less than an indefinite downshifting. Firstly, the distance – to travel long direct flight from Moscow is not. Secondly, the restless ocean – there is almost always a wave. Thirdly, he is quite a controversial image of the island – many believe that Bali is too dirty and too many idlers-hipsters.


However, if you have limited time and with seven miles is not a hook for you, Bali, you may really like it. On the island there are two quite heavenly hotel network Four Seasons – one on the coast, near Jimbaran Bay, the second -not far from Ubud, surrounded by tropical jungle. It makes sense to do so: to spend five or four, and the second in the first days – a couple more, and believes that the program is executed. Old residents of the island, he traveled the length and breadth, of course, do not agree with this, but, rest assured, you will be envied in many ways.


The Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay – in the one that rises above Jimbaran Bay – first come, in order to then usually sent to the coastal resorts: get your salt serving in sea water, tan and plenty to admire views of the ocean, and with him the famous Balinese sunsets. The second and third can be done without leaving the confines of your own villa: Guests now offer upgraded accommodations – Villa Premier and Family Premier Ocean, on the renovation of which labor is one of the best Indonesian design bureau – Jaya International. Pools were larger, were thatched roofs for relaxing in the shade, in the villas category Family Premier provides room for two children.


Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. Totally magical place – both on its location and on architecture. The resort is built in a valley surrounded by hilly jungle. Driving up to the hotel, you only see soaring over the jungle long bridge, ending the round pond, swimming pool with blooming lilies.


The most important thing at the bottom: a cylindrical building with the right and left flanks, which are located in the family-room duplexes, and wonderful villa surrounded by picturesque rice fields. There really grow their own rice, and even a bunch of different crops – from beets to therapeutic ginseng. That is, the area of the hotel – everything else is still a huge garden, a vegetable garden, the harvest of which could easily be in your plate or bowl.


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