How the fish will help to win wrinkles after 50 years

Dutch scientists were able to establish a pattern that will please many women. They examined a group of subjects aged 50 and found that a lack of smoking habits and a special diet helped women to protect the skin from wrinkles. And the diet is not so

complicated. You just need to eat more fish, vegetables and fruits. In subjects who actively consumed these categories of food, wrinkles were the least. It turns out, the right food – it’s much easier and cheaper than the elite wrinkle cream. In addition, one of the most important factors was a short stay in the sun.

Women who avoided tanning can also boast a much smoother skin. But lovers of meat, sugar, saturated fat and alcohol usually look worse. It is interesting that this way of life, including diet, affects only women. The number of wrinkles on the skin of men does not correlate with the amount of fish eaten by them.

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