Hotel perfect for a holiday surrounded by nature

In an exclusive corner of the Costa Smeralda, where the beauty of Sardinia becomes even richer, located Pitrizza Hotel, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, where the bluest Mediterranean takes on the colors of the tropics. A privatebeach, granite pool, excellent restaurant and many more incorporated with the original decor is ideal for exclusive and authentic stay on the Costa Smeralda.


This resort is located only 6 minutes walk to the beach but also offers beautiful views of the crystal clear waters of Sardinia and the Costa Smeralda. Enjoy the impeccable service in a refined and welcome the interior and exterior of which are located near the resort of Porto Cervsa, one of the best known and most appreciated tourist destinations in the whole Mediterranean region.


Enjoy a luxurious stay in a boutique hotel that offers a multitude of benefits, including outdoor pool, spa and gym. Exotic aromas of hibiscus trees, juniper and olive trees that surround the swimming pool with sea water are added intoxicating element of an already outstanding experience.


Almost invisible addition to the hotel’s landscape is an organic pool carved in the Sardinian granite, which offers a spectacular view of the sea. Top hotel restaurant serves delicious Sardinian cuisine and classic Mediterranean recipes. Rest for the soul, the body, but also the palate.


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