Horror fairy tale: American makeup artist Share “ruined Disney Princesses”

A makeup artist uses the art of makeup to reveal the horrible fate of the Disney princesses and pop idols. Mykie is a self-taught special effects makeup artist, now resident in Los Angeles. And many beauty guru is not the same, Mykie not limited to her own art in the creation of the attractive appearance. On the contrary, sometimes her creations can be unnerving. In her works, you can see all kinds of scars, bloodstains, wounds etc. Recently, she created works will be displayed at the same time charming and terror, and after reading there is a “ruined Disney Princesses” feeling.
1. Snow White before and after the poisoned apple

2. Lana Del Rey before and after the zombie apocalypse

3. Rapunzel before and after he was involved in her own hair

4. Elsa before and after freezing

4. Calista before and after he became queen of Ntothraki

5. The queen of dancing before and after a night battle for the crown


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