“His penis looks like a mushroom”: Stormy Daniels has finished her memoirs and in it she really tells about everything with Trump

Porn actress Stormy Daniels wrote her memoirs and in it she talks in detail about the wild night she had with American President Donald Trump in 2006. The British newspaper The Guardian was able to put a hand on a copy two weeks before the publication and explained a tip of the veil. And her story turns out to be really all-revealing.

Full Disclosure appears on October 2 and it seems that the reader will get value for money. The book outlines how Stephanie Clifford – as Stormy Daniels really called – began to strip neglect and abuse after a childhood full of poverty when she was still in high school. And how she rolled into the porn industry, where she became an acclaimed actress and director.

It was in that role that she attended a golf tournament in 2006 in Lake Tahoe, California. Together with two colleagues she had to greet the participants between the holes. And that was the moment she saw Trump for the first time. “He had a red cap with the logo of his empire at the place where ‘Make America Great Again’ would come later,” she writes.

A bodyguard invited her to dine with Trump, which turned out to be an invitation for his penthouse. There was already something leaked about the wild night that would follow, but in the book really no detail is avoided. Daniels writes that the penis of Trump is “smaller than average”, but not “bizarly small”. “He knows his penis looks unusual. He has an acorn in the form of a mushroom.

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