What Hillary Clinton wanted to say to “creep” Donald Trump

Last night, Hillary Clinton was a guest at Graham Norton, the presenter of the popular British BBC talk show wearing his name. She talked about how bad she felt during last year’s presidential debates, what she should have told “creep” Donald Trump and how


she processed her hair loss.” He played another game,” said the former presidential candidate about Trump’s strategy during the debates. “I agree that I won the debates, but when you look again without sound, you see that he dominates body language and facial expressions.” According to Clinton, Trump looked scary at her while she spoke. In fact, footage shows how Trump stood behind Clinton in a stage of debate where the candidates could move freely on stage.

Clinton got a cheek on how he shadowed her while she was speaking. “I knew he was there and I’m sorry now that I did not say,” Keep away, you’re not going to intimidate me here, “said Clinton last night. She also told how “losing and crushing” was losing someone who had presented the reality series “The Apprentice” for years, a kind of talent hunt in which candidates compete for a leadership position in one of Trump’s companies.

After her loss, she gave another concession speech and afterwards her pipe was out, she says. “I felt terribly and responsible too.” But she did not keep up with it. “Staying in bed was not an option. I pulled jogging pants, went with the dogs walking in the woods, did yoga, looked for friends … and had a great dose of Chardonnay! ““Laughing is the best medicine,” she decides.

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