Giant anaconda recorded in Jungle Ecuador

Huge anaconda with a length of more than 5.18 meters and lives deep in the Amazon jungle, was revealed in a documentary of BBC. The Gordon Buchanan presents three episodes documentary entitled «Tribes, Predators and Me» which will be shown on BBC Two on Saturday and in the first episode he meets a family Waorani tribe in Ecuador hunting anaconda.


Their aim is to catch and let then free a giant anaconda, the most dangerous animal in the Amazon, a threat to humans. The Waorani however believe that gives them great spiritual strength. There’s a scientific reason for the project as the Waorani collect samples from the snake and give to scientists studying the effects of pollution in the region.


The anaconda caught and left free is one of the biggest ever caught with registered length almost 5.2 meters. For men of that race, the taking up and leave free large anaconda and a demonstration of bravery.

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