First photos of Justin and Selena in the new year: Sweaty bodies and blond smiles say it all!

From the news that Justin finally arrived in Mexico for Selena to celebrate the arrival of a new year, every fan has been waiting patiently for confirmatory photos. If you also belong to the curious, we have good news – you have come! On January 3,


the paparazzi did not start and the couples clicked on leaving the pilates. Selena is known to attend these hours, but her new partner apparently premiered Justin even wanted to make photos with his minifoin and hand on his heart – could he even have more fun? Just have your own Over the past few days, the Internet has revealed a number of sources that the couple saw at the New Year’s Day celebrations, as well as hand-to-hand hot Los Cabos. Even though we have not been able to see photos from these days, thanks to the new pictures, it is also clear to you that the two of them are not able to tear themselves apart.

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