Favorite confectioner of Russian stars became famous all over the world by crazy cakes

Renat Agzamov is one of the most popular confectioners not only in Russia, but also in the world. Among the admirers of his incredible cakes are Yana Rudkovskaya, Elena Letuchaya, Alexander Ovechkin and other stars. And the wedding cake

from Renate became as necessary attributes of celebration, as wedding rings and a wedding dress. And it is understandable why. He can create any cake that you can imagine. Including the castle height of 3 meters and weighing more than 1500 kilograms.

The fairy-tale palace of Aladdin and Jasmine, the castle of Cinderella or the Dresden Zwinger – for him only one of the orders. Many of their masterpieces Renata have to create abroad – which means that huge billets need to be transported. However, photos of majestic cakes from the holidays in France and Germany prove that the confectioner is coping with this difficult task.

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