“You fat fat liar”: Trump under fire after pronouncement about fallen soldiers

“Previous presidents almost never bothered to call relatives of soldier soldiers.” The quote Donald Trump launched yesterday will chase him for a while. World leaders like Barack Obama and George Bush did indeed provide the necessary initiatives to comfort themselves


in such miserable circumstances. In other words, Trump did the violence to the truth, and that he would have known. Nowadays now massively know that they feel insulted by his words, the sister of a killed American soldier even calls him a “fat, fat liar”.” When my brother was killed in Iraq during the war, I really shouted at President Bush. But at least he listened and held me while I was crying, “Delilia O’Malley tweeted. Ex-staff members also condemn Trump because he “lies so shamelessly”.

The president made the unfortunate statement during an unexpected press moment in the White House rose garden. A journalist suddenly wanted to know why he had not responded to the death of four US commandments detained in Niger. When Trump was asked if he really meant it, he scratched back.

“I do not know if Obama also called. Many presidents are writing letters, I do both. How difficult it is sometimes. I think Obama sometimes did and sometimes not. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. “Wordsman Sarah Sanders emphasized afterwards that Trump” did not want to attack his predecessors, but just communicated. “However, the truth turns out to be something different.”Bush has written a letter to all the families and possibly meets thousands of relatives,” said former spokesman Freddy Ford. During the war in Iraq alone, over four years in a row, more than eight hundred American deaths were deplored.

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