Family support Cristiano Ronaldo at the final Champions League

On Saturday, June 3, the final match of the Champions League, in which just two strongest teams of the season – “Real Madrid” and “Juventus”. The victory in the final game won Spaniards: to share the joy of triumph with the striker “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo


in the evening came, his mother Maria Dolores, son and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Against the background of the matter circulating in the press information about pregnancy 21- year-old girl all the public attention was riveted on the pair. After the final whistle, and the award ceremony Ronaldo gave Georgina medal winner of the tournament. He appeared at the match in T-shirts, sport similar form of “Real” The whole football family. Skintight T-shirt could not hide noticeably rounded stomach newly-girl football player. Despite the fact that the lovers have not yet made any official statements, it is obvious that in the near future in the family of Ronaldo coming replenishment.

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