DREAMS can reveal symptoms of the disease – even many years earlier

Psychologists agree that the messages of dreams should never be ignored, because precisely of them can read important information about future diseases. Likewise centuries folk tradition also says, reports Telegraph.


Weak heart and anguish of the night
If you often afflicts anxiety night, it may be a warning to heart problems, migraines or too little sleep. Uncomfortable night anxieties can also cause blood pressure medicines by beta-blocking types.

Migraine comes with anger
nightmares and bad sleep full of anger and aggression can be the warning that a migraine attack you. If you dream every night that you are attending or are attacked, such dreams can be stressful early sign of the disease or brain disease such as neuro-degenerative Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

Persecution because of alcohol
is considered that people who regularly experience dreams in which they were persecuted or attacked, suffering from conduct disorder in REM sleep. The acute form of the disorder may appear during withdrawal of alcohol and sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Bizarre dreams, unforgettable
may warn infection or early menopause. Infections can cause half awake state, which is the initiator of bizarre dreams. Even classic jams can be the initiator of such dreams, which most often occur in the morning, because it weakens the influence of alcohol, and the state has an impact on brain chemistry and creates strange dreams.

Dreaming more than usual
this can be the result of chronic pain, leaving medication against depression or because you sleep in the room too hot or too cold. All that prevents sleep and cause frequent awakening during REM because of which you remember more dreams and believe that I dream more than usual.

If the night and early in the morning you awaken dreams, it can warn depressed and will be a sign that you are under increased stress or you have excess body weight. To dream such initiative can be greasy food. Those who are under great stress or suffering from depression, before entering the REM stage, before the “walk” the dreams and awaken earlier.

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