Donald Trump’s account on Twitter has been blocked

On Thursday, the 2nd of November, the former employee of the social network Twitter blocked the account of US President Donald Trump. Thus, a former employee of the state social Network, the day of his dismissal, decided to take revenge on employers.


The account was blocked for 11 minutes, after which it was immediately blocked and began to search for the culprit. Immediately after the return of the president’s account, Trump decided to post all the thoughts that he had collected for 11 minutes. The first tweet was the plans of the Republicans to cut taxes. In just one hour he wrote four tweets. The incident itself was explained by a simple mistake, which occurred because of the human factor. “The @realdonaldtrump account was unintentionally disabled due to a Twitter employee error. The account was disabled for 11 minutes, after which it was restored. We continue the investigation and take steps to prevent this from happening again, “Twitter said. Soon the situation was clarified a bit and the company’s employees explained that this was the revenge of a former staff member. “We found out that this was done by a Twitter support worker who did it on his last working day,” the Twitter guide explains.


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